Haunted House Review: The Sinner’s Soiree

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I thought this was a creative and fun haunted house, with some good scares.

When we got closer to the event, we wondered if we had come to the correct location. At night, the area itself is a little scary. It was block after block of closed up shops, with their security gates and closed metal roll-up doors. The only unit with any light was the location, and there wasn’t a line outside at the time.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.09.48 PMI had been expecting more of a freak show interactive vibe, because I had read about the separately themed rooms, so I was surprised when we immediately walked into a maze. I liked the voodoo/boudoir theme and the actors did a good job scaring us. After the maze, there was a cool little bar, and an area where a dancer did a burlesque dance on stage. Behind that was a decorated seating area. It makes for a good group event, especially if you want to have a couple drinks afterward, although we didn’t take advantage of it.

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